Northumbria University – Students’ Union of the Year 2011

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Jo Rhodes is President of Northumbria Students’ Union

Last Thursday night, Northumbria Students’ Union was awarded the title of HE Students’ Union of the Year 2011. This award highlights the hard work that has been put in by our officers, staff and volunteers alike over many years. Having our hard work recognised at a national level is a phenomenal achievement which means a great deal to all of us.

The judges were impressed by our consistent increase in election turnout, the fact that we got 90 per cent approval in the referendum for the strategic plan and also the amount of support we had for the Hidden Fees campaign in which more than 2,000 of our students took part.

It really has been a fantastic year for Northumbria Students’ Union and we are so grateful for the input of our fantastic sabbatical officers, staff and volunteers over the past few years in order to help us achieve this award.

As well as recognition for our past efforts to deliver for our members, this award also brings with it renewed excitement about how we will excel in the future. We are a students’ union determined to continually improve everything that we do for our members.

This year we are fortunate to be able to recruit three new staff members in order to grow and develop our advice and representation and student activities services. We feel that this will really make a difference for our students and improve their experience at Northumbria University.

Rising fees have made it a difficult time to become a student. However, we hope that we will improve the student experience in order to ensure that our students feel that time at University is well spent.

We are thrilled to receive this award and are looking forward to rewarding our officers, staff and volunteers for all their hard work that has led to our success and becoming an even better students’ union in the future!


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