DeJa vu all over again

Dominic Turner

Image © Arash Razzagh Karimi

You may be forgiven for thinking you’ve seen this all before. Increasingly ‘crippling’ sanctions.  Whispers of ever-growing weapons capabilities. The pounding beats of the same war drum, of distant threats, from a savage alien culture. We were here almost 10 years ago. This week Israeli ‘intelligence’ asserted the claim that Iran may be capable, in some indeterminate time, to strike US cities with missiles. You may remember similar claims in 2002 about the Iraqi regime being capable of striking the West within 45 minutes. Those claims, like the ones of today, formed part of the propaganda package sold to British public as the reason to illegally invade Iraq, a war that cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi’s.

If you search through the pages of British and American media outlets you will see the liberal use of the phrase “strategic strikes” on Iran’s nuclear facilities. The same was said before Afghanistan was bombed into the Stone Age, causing the deaths of around 30,000 civilians. The truth is, Iran’s nuclear facilities are scattered around the country, meaning any war or planned attack would inevitably cause immeasurable casualties to a civilian population that is more than twice the size of Afghanistan’s. 

In July of 2007 41% of Americans still believed the bald faced lie that Saddam Hussein was personally involved with the attacks of September the 11th, a central facet in selling the war to the American people, three years after it was proved false. Today, Sky News is sowing the same seeds of destruction, proclaiming that Iran and Al Qaeda are plotting a joint attack in Europe. The fact that Al Qaeda are Sunni whilst the Iranian leadership is Shia nation, and are sworn enemies, is an inconvenient fact that cannot get in the way of the war mongering of the Murdoch owned media. The success of the propaganda mill can be demonstrated by the fact that 71% percent of Americans believe Iran possess a nuclear weapon when even US defence secretary Leon Panetta has admitted that Iran has not yet decided whether to build nuclear weapons. Any strike on Iran would not be an act of self defence but an act of war.

It may be hard to say it with a straight face but I must ask you, who is the real aggressor? Whilst Iran has not even acquired nuclear weapons, the state of Israel, armed with an arsenal of nuclear weaponry, is already musing unilateral strikes on Iran. The most extensive poll ever carried out in the region showed that an overwhelming majority of the people of the middle east actually believed the world would be safer if Iran possessed a nuclear weapon, and the biggest threats to peace were the United States and Israel, the result of decades of western endorsed tyranny. After all, it was a US and UK sponsored coup that installed the despised despot, the Shah of Iran. After the Shah was deposed by the revolution of 1979, the people of Iran took back the oil fields from British and American plutocrats and the West has been trying to lay claim to the liquid gold that powers their economies ever since. Iran currently sits on the third largest supply of oil in the world after Saudi Arabia, a staunch ally of the US and Iraq, who‘s puppet government has supplied the US with billions of dollars worth of contracts to drill since the illegal invasion. The calculus is simple, and has been the explicit foreign policy of the US since the 1950’s. Control the region, control the world’s oil supply and the global economy.

Let me be clear, I don’t think Iran should have a nuclear weapon. President Ahmadinejad is a reactionary dictator who brutally crushed the will of his people when they rose up to overthrow regime. But neither should Israel possess nuclear weapons. Or the USA, Pakistan or the United Kingdom. The notion that Mutually Assured Destruction keeps the global order balanced is exactly that … MAD. And the only nations that have stated their resolve to launch pre-emptive strikes are Israel and the United States. If only Marx was right that history repeats itself, first as tragedy then as farce. War with Iran would be a catastrophe of untold proportions for the entire planet. Just as the Arab world is waking from its slumbers to overthrow murderous tyrants, many of whom were backed by the United States, the West’s warmongering may drive the people of Iran back into the cold embrace of its dictator, for fear of the alternative.


“Did you hear them talking about it on the radio?

Did you stop to read the writing at wall?

Did that voice inside you say I’ve seen this all before?

It’s like Deja Vu all over again.”

John Fogerty 2004


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