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Andrew McKay – former Labour Party Member

As the independence referendum draws nearer, I am enjoying following the campaign from an independent perspective. I left the Labour Party a few months ago – not long after I embraced Scottish independence.

Having met other supporters of Scottish independence I have found that my erstwhile coldness towards nationalism was misguided.

I still don’t accept the label of a nationalist – as it is a matter of chance that I was born in Scotland, which leaves me with little reason to be proud of the fact.

I always associated nationalism with right wing drivel – the British National Party, the National Front, or National Socialism. but have found that fellow supporters of Scottish independence are open minded, intelligent and generally very accepting.

By now, we are used to the unionist scare stories that arise most weeks. Such stories usually focus on the economics of independence – that we can’t manage on our own or that we would have much weaker armed forces.

However, one scare story struck me as particularly dangerous and untrue. One blog by a Liberal Democrat suggests that the attitudes of Scottish nationalists are bitter towards others on the basis of nationality or race.

The Scottish National Party has a block vote with ethnic minorities and the first Muslim MSP was a Scottish nationalist.

Pretending there is no division within the United Kingdom is delusional. The gap between Scottish and English opinion alone is enough reason for separation, but I urge those opposed to separation to meet with Scottish nationalists – there is no bitterness against the English, but there is a hint of anger towards the long list of London politicians who have betrayed them – many of whom are Scottish.


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