Release Professor Cyril Karabus the world is watching…

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Author Legal Eagle…

Yesterday I became aware of the detention of Professor Cyril Karabus – the story by Nontando Mposo was published on this site. This appalling injustice should concern all who occupy a position on the progressive left and cherish the notion of the rule of law.  

It is clear that a major miscarriage of justice and a flagrant abuse of due process is taking place concerning the detention and holding of Professor Karabus. And world attention must be given to this issue as a matter of urgency – the world is watching and Professor Karabus must be released from detention immediately.  

Legal Eagle is therefore requesting those interested in the preservation of justice to sign the petition calling for the release of Professor Karabus:

Legal Eagle hopes to update this story soon – once further information is brought from contacts in South Africa.

Thanks to all who have helped bring this injustice to light.



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